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Minneapolis Truth in Housing Ordinance

The purpose of the Minneapolis Truth in Housing Ordinance is to inform the buyer and seller of a home, prior to the time of sale, of any major structural defects or hazards to the health and safety of the occupants. The ordinance requires the repair or replacement of unsafe items related to the heating and electrical systems, water heaters, plumbing cross connections, unsafe gas piping, smoke detectors, and lack of required utilities.

The ordinance requires that the seller of single and two family dwellings, townhouses, and first time condominium conversions provide a Truth in Housing Disclosure Report or a Certificate of Code Compliance to the buyer prior to signing a purchase agreement. The truth in housing report must be prepared by a certified truth in housing evaluator. The ordinance requires that the completed report is available for inspection at the premises at all times when the dwelling is being offered for sale.

A valid disclosure report must be provided to the buyer at closing. The buyer is responsible to make any required repairs within 90 days after closing. Sellers may decide to complete any required repairs before closing.

For more information call (612) 673-5840 or contact the automated information number, (612) 673-2489 and request option 16.

MSHI inspectors licensed in Minneapolis

Luis Alcaraz
Mike Andrejka
Milind Angolkar
Chuck Blixt
Jeff Blixt
Guy Borglund
Roger Bovee
Dan Brausen
Ken Brovold
Jason Carter
Greg Comer
Alan Copia
Peter Dean
Brian Devery
Don Doty
Barry Eliason
Peter Elliasen
Mark Felion
Dave Fridlund
Scott Hansing
David Harrington
Todd Hustad
Jim Ingebrigtsen
David Johnston
Chuck Kaatz
Richard Kilian
Lee Kness
Jim Koska
Ronald Kulas
Dennis Lash
Joe Lundequam
Robert Manley
John McGrath
Tom Morse
Mike Moser
Gary Nelson
Daniel Niezgocki
Richard Olson
Michael Pew
Reuben Saltzman
Neil Saltzman
Karl Sanders, CRI
Scott Scheunemann
Vicki Scheunemann
Gary Schutta
Gary Scott
Dan Seeland
jeff shaller
Alpheus (Al) Simmons
Dan Solberg
Clay Thompson
George Ury
John Vruno
Steve Waterston
John Wilhelms
Brent Williams
Tony Wrobel
Tony Wrobel
Bill Yares