MSHI Code of Ethics

The following rules of conduct and ethics help maintain integrity and objectivity within the home inspection profession.

  • The member shall exercise good judgment and sound opinions on each evaluation, and shall provide competent services as established by the society.
  • The member shall not discriminate in providing services, nor establishing fees, because of race, color gender, age, creed, sexual preference, or national origin. The member shall comply with all state, federal and local laws.
  • The member shall not, knowingly, re-evaluate any premises for which the original evaluation remains valid, except when the original evaluation was done by that member.
  • The member shall not evaluate any property in which he/she owns or holds an interest. This includes properties, or interests, of the member's immediate family, and/or including any business that may profit from such evaluation, in which the member holds an interest.
  • The member shall not, knowingly, prepare, submit or distribute an evaluation, report, or advertisement that contains false information, or misleading statements.
  • The member shall not conduct an evaluation while under the influence of any alcohol or drug, except those prescribed by a doctor of medicine.
  • The member shall not engage in conduct that in any way is in violation of any law, ordinance, or regulation.
  • While acting as an evaluator, the member shall not appraise the value of the property, nor give instructions on how to repair any items related to the evaluation as it pertains to any "Truth in Sale of Housing" or "Time of Sale" program. Nor shall he/she endorse the use of any specific materials, products, or firms. The member is prohibited from making any repairs on or to the property he/she is evaluating, while the evaluation is taking place or in effect.
  • The member shall not speak ill of any other evaluator, city official, program or organization, unless directed to the proper governing body or the MSHI Board of Directors.
  • The member shall make every effort to uphold, maintain and improve the professional integrity, reputation and practice of the home evaluation industry. He/she will report all such relevant information, including violations of this Code by other members the Society's Board of Directors, for possible action.