Bloomington Time of Sale Housing Inspection


The City of Bloomington Time of Sale Housing Inspection Program provides potential purchasers with information about the condition of a dwelling and requires the correction of immediate hazards. An inspection and a report are required for all houses, town homes, condominiums and mobile homes offered for sale. All single family, two family, and multiple family dwellings, including condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes are included. The property must be inspected and a report form completed prior to offering the property for sale. The Housing Evaluation Report must be available for review by potential purchasers at all times when the property is offered for sale.

The seller can choose a licensed independent evaluator licensed by the City of Bloomington. The city maintains a list of all licensed inspectors. Only those items which pose an immediate hazard to the occupants of the structure are required to be repaired. Other deficiencies are noted in the Housing Evaluation Report, but do not require correction. When hazardous items are identified by the inspector, the City of Bloomington follows up to determine whether the hazardous condition has been corrected. Hazardous conditions must be corrected and approved by the city before the dwelling is occupied. If the dwelling is already occupied, corrective action shall be taken by the owner or agent of the owner.

For more information, call City of Bloomington Building and Inspection Division, (952) 563-8930.


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