Maplewood Truth in Sale of Housing Program


The City of Maplewood requires that a Truth-in-Housing inspection be completed before a property is listed or shown. The ordinance includes all dwellings, single-family, duplexes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes. The city maintains a list of licensed Maplewood inspectors. Before a residence can be shown for sale, the owner must have the property evaluated by a truth-in-housing inspector. After the inspection is complete, the owner must have the report on display and available on site for perspective buyers. A copy of the disclosure report must be issued to the buyer before the execution of a contractual agreement.

A housing disclosure shall be prepared by a city approved housing evaluator. The report shall include an evaluation by the inspector of the building and the property. The evaluation will include, but not be limited to, items addressed in Maplewood's housing maintenance, siding and junk removal ordinances. The city shall be responsible for determining whether there is an ordinance violation, and a signed statement by the owner related to the condition of the property must be completed.

Owners must have their own truth-in-housing evaluation done before listing the property or putting it up for sale. A truth-in-sale of housing disclosure report is only valid for one owner or for one year.

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MSHI inspectors licensed in Maplewood